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ATP test service for refrigerated trailers and bodies

ATP test facilities for certification of isothermal or refrigerated vehicles, trailers, and tanks. Our ATP tunnel has been commissioned in 2023 in accordance with current accreditation standards and the latest control and regulation technologies.

  • Body type approval and periodic COP tests, in accordance with the ATP regulation and its transposition into Spanish legislation, RD237/2000
  •  Testing and certification services for manufacturers, body builders or importers

  • Individual verification of ATP compliance: vehicles in service or vehicles imported for re-registration

  • Other tests under controlled climatic conditions

  • Location between Barcelona and Tarragona, in L'Albornar, next to AP-2 highway, exit 12.


Applus+ IDIADA is the Technical Approval Service designated by MINCOTUR for all national and European type regulations and partial regulations for all vehicle categories. Our ATP test station, also designated by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, has been accredited by ENAC (35/LE159) for ATP testing since 2004.

With the latest improvements, IDIADA's ATP test station now has greater capacity thanks to a new large cold tunnel that allows the testing of vehicles of any size (including articulated buses) as well as the option of testing up to three prototypes simultaneously.

Our isothermal body and box homologation services are suitable for manufacturers, fleets and individuals, who can also carry out verification tests on vehicles that need to renew their ATP certification.

Specific customized tests (temperatures, duration, thermal cycles, ...) can be designed for any category of vehicle or non-vehicle prototype for purposes such as research and development, internal quality checks, evaluation of suppliers or raw materials, or to meet specific customer requirements.

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Applus+ IDIADA
ATP test service experts

Efficiency, speed, and flexibility in testing

Our technical capacity, facilities, test instruments and specialized human resources allow us to provide a rapid response in the programming of efficient schedules adapted to the needs of our clients. 

Rapid report issuance

We issue the test report normally within one week, always in accordance with our clients' needs.

Test offering

We offer a wide range of temperatures, from +5°C to +45°C, allowing our customers to define the test conditions that best suit their specific needs.

ATP testing facilities near Barcelona and Tarragona

Our ATP testing facilities are located in our IDIADA's ATP test facilities, between Tarragona and Barcelona, Spain, next to the junction between highways AP-7 and AP-2, exit 12.

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