Vehicle benchmarking data

Vehicle Performance & Driveability Benchmarking data: Our best value for money access to relevant powertrain performance data

Whether you are interested in high-level target setting, improving your understanding of powertrain systems’ behaviour, or in making use of vehicle data to generate your powertrain digital twins, we have the right product for your needs.

With our 30+ years’ experience in vehicle development engineering, our non-intrusive instrumentation, and our modularized package approach, we provide cost-effective powertrain performance, driveability, and energy management data for a better understanding of powertrain systems interaction, as well as providing valuable support in defining key attribute and subsystem metrics. 


High-level target setting

Our ongoing market monitoring efforts and access to trustworthy vehicle databases, complemented by expert assessment of in-vehicle features and behaviour, help you understand competitors’ products, market positioning, and target setting for performance, economy, and driveability at a very competitive cost.

In-depth analysis of powertrain systems performance

At IDIADA we know which types of tests work best to provide the maximum amount of actionable data for a given test, so we have specially selected the most effective ones from our portfolio to maximize the number of key vehicle performance and driveability metrics, as well as to look deeper into power delivery characteristics and thermal behaviour of powertrain systems.

Maximizing insight with system modelling

We perform data acquisition by having reverse system modelling in mind, so we can build longitudinal vehicle dynamics digital twins to virtually test additional performance and driveability test scenarios. Furthermore, you can also use them as input into your vehicle dynamics models, or other types of cycle-based simulations.


Vehicle Performance & Driveability benchmarking data


Thanks to our team of highly skilled professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and high added-value data analysis techniques, we can support you throughout the entire product development phase.  Take a look at our powertrain benchmarking packages section and contact us to find out more about how we can help you with your vehicle development projects.


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