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Consolidated automotive tools for process automation and data governance

IDIADA’s consolidated tools for process automation and data governance are part of a valuable toolchain that facilitates the work of automotive engineers and technicians. All solutions are developed with a customer-centric approach and allow integration with customer processes via API services, and/or the export/import of standardised data files. 

Our digital automotive tools, whether focused on data management or data analysis, not only take into account international standards and validation procedures, but also integrate IDIADA’s know-how in terms of analysis methods and KPI calculation.  

IDIADA's automotive digital products are a key component of a data governance strategy for any company seeking secure, quality, and efficient data exchange in equal proportions.

Automotive benchmarking: Position your product with a data-driven approach

IDIADA’s automotive benchmarking services aim to generate valuable insights from the comparison of vehicle data where the added value is related to the highly detailed technical contents of the reports and the conclusions extracted by the subject matter experts. 

Furthermore, IDIADA facilitates benchmarking and product definition with secure access to the benchmark database using a web application that complements the deliverables of automotive testing and engineering activities. 

Digital twins: Make your projects cost- and time-effective with virtual development

IDIADA’s digital twins are the best solution to streamline your Handling, Comfort, Durability, ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle development activities. Virtually test and validate your products through our data-driven packages, virtual models, road models and scenarios. Almost all of our virtual replicas offer seamless integration with most simulation software. 

Individual Vehicle Certification (IVC)

We can help you whenever you need to certify a vehicle coming from the European Economic Area (EEA) or third countries; to homologate your vehicle’s modifications; to obtain your vehicle’s Certificate of Correspondence with National Type-Approval; to certify a Personal Light Electric Vehicle (PLEV) in our accredited laboratory; to homologate your classic car as a historic one; or to obtain a vehicle’s environmental label report. Fill in the form and let us take care of your vehicle certification. 

IRIS: IDIADA’s structured regulatory technical knowledge platform

IRIS is a Smart Online Platform that provides accurate, customised, and structured automotive industry Regulatory Technical Knowledge developed by IDIADA’s homologation experts. IRIS helps you keep updated on current and upcoming automotive regulations worldwide and is composed of a Regulatory Database, a Technical Reporting service, and a periodic Regulatory Newsletter service.