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Charging Market Study

IDIADA performed a deep analysis of the AC and DC charging stations installed at public places, identifying the brand and model of each as well as the provider/network.

Access to the Market Study Desktop APP is offered as a complementary service to IDIADA’s testing activities to provide a clear picture of the market share covered during interoperability and in-field activities. The platform provides customizable information, allowing to filter in different categories and providing tables and graphs

  • Filter by country/region, standard, electrical parameters (datasheet), etc.
  • Periodic updates (optional)
  • Worldwide vision


    The Market Study desktop platform enables automakers to generate relevant information and make confident decisions throughout the charging validation process helping in defining testing strategies and targets.

    Additionally, information about EVSE manufacturers and the available models found during the study can be provided as a catalogue.

    IDIADA uses available public platforms, to identify and extract relevant information. IDIADA obtains (if available) a minimum amount of data, to ensure a statistically representative data set according to the level of data aggregation.

    IDIADA uses governmental statistic data to obtain a reliable source of information to quantify total EVSE population.

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    Laia Edo
    Electric Vehicle Charging Coordinator
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    Laia Edo
    Electric Vehicle Charging Coordinator

    Data exploration

    • Market share numbers of EVSE manufacturer and model of the target markets

    • Different data categories can be selected: region, country, power/typology and standard
    • Data can be visualized through tables and graphs
    • Possible to save data as Excel file

    Charging stations catalogue

    • Description of EVSE manufacturers

    • Technical specifications according to datasheet
    • Legacy charging stations included
    • Rebranding information included
    • Worldwide


    • Customizable through

      dedicated filters

    • Testing strategies

      and targets definitions

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    Contact our Customer Manager:
    Laia Edo
    Electric Vehicle Charging Coordinator

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    IRIS (IDIADA's Regulatory Information System) - FAQs

    What is the purpose of the Charging Market Study offered by Applus IDIADA?

    The Charging Market Study offered by Applus IDIADA is designed to provide valuable insights and analysis into the charging infrastructure market for electric vehicles (EVs). It aims to help businesses and organizations understand the current state of the market, identify key players and make informed decisions regarding the development and implementation of charging solutions and validation strategies.

    What information does the Charging Infrastructure Market Study provide?

    The Charging Infrastructure Market Study provides a comprehensive analysis of the charging infrastructure market, including key market players (EVSE brand and models), existing and emerging technologies, regulatory frameworks. It offers detailed data on the current charging infrastructure landscape, such as the number and types of charging stations, their geographical distribution, and the availability of different charging standards.

    Who can benefit from the Charging Market Study?

    The Charging Market Study is beneficial for a wide range of stakeholders involved in the electric vehicle industry. This includes automakers, charging infrastructure providers, utilities, investors, and research organizations. Automakers can use the study to gain insights into charging infrastructure and plan their EV strategies and validations plans accordingly. Charging infrastructure providers can utilize the study to understand market dynamics and identify opportunities for growth. Investors can assess the market potential and identify investment opportunities, while research organizations can leverage the study's findings for further analysis and studies related to the EV charging market.