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The best software and engineering solutions for the automotive industry

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Reference benchmarking

Obtain reliable benchmarking reference data from an increasing number of vehicles and functionalities.

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Individual vehicle homologation in only one click

If you have to homologate your modified/imported/adapted vehicle ... or if it is already a classic, IDIADA is the right partner to make the whole process as transparent and straightforward as possible.

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Digital Tools & Services

To cover your specific testing and engineering software needs, we have developed several digital tools that have been validated by our experienced engineers and that are continuously evolving with the needs of the industry and the user community.

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Digital twins

IDIADA's CAE experts have built correlated CAE models that, in combination with the IDIADA Virtual Proving Ground, can help you test and validate your product's functional performance and durability.

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Webinars, training and tutorials

Join our webinar session where we will be providing an overview of our digital solutions, specific training and tutorials, all hosted by the very same engineers that have developed and are using each solution.

What is everyone saying?

  • The TCT is the perfect tool for the initial stages of the vehicle dynamics design, due to the limited information required for the model to run, as well as the speed to generate the model if the information is readily available. The results provide a general but accurate overview of the vehicle performance, both in terms of handling and ride. This information can later be used to perform top level vehicle architecture decisions in the first project steps, as well as in the future help with the definition of suspension and component level specification definition (Target Cascading). In addition the optimization model can be used to fine-tune the vehicle characteristics based on specific performance targets independently. Overall, the tool offers a very good compromise in terms of useful information and accuracy vs. simplicity and computational time.

    Gonzalo Lanas
  • IRIS is the appropriate tool to meet your Regulatory needs. With IRIS we have developed a new online, dynamic and up-to-date Regulatory Knowledge Management smart platform, unique in the automotive sector. Based on IDIADA type-approval experts’ up-to-date knowledge, we provide accurate and structured worldwide legislation information for motor vehicles through several services: Regulatory Knowledge Base, Technical Research Studies, and Regulatory Monitoring reports.

    Nagore Avilés
  • The Target Cascading Tool (TCT) has been developed to support vehicle dynamicists during concept stages to help on vehicle performance evaluation with limited available design information, as well as support target cascading process from Vehicle Target Specifications (VTS) to Subsystem Target Specifications (SSTS). The level of vehicle model fidelity is good enough for the preliminary design phases and it has been validated against higher degree of freedom models. The user can set up different vehicle configurations, evaluate them, as well as to run optimization processes to find the best vehicle setup for a list of 5 main handling and comfort predefined manoeuvres. This allows TCT to be used as a proper tool in the initial stages of the project to be able to answer basic architecture vehicle questions.

    Javier Guitérrez
  • DUMMY-Q is a very useful, practical and simple tool.  It’s compatible with different data formats and its versatility allows it to be adapted to different data acquisition systems.  It’s easy to use through a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. In addition, it has most of the Dummies existing on the market integrated, and can be easily extended at the laboratory's request.  It also provides us with the constant updates of the new versions of the protocols that evaluate the Dummies.  In short, it’s a great tool that facilitates the day-to-day work of the Dummy certification laboratory.

    Patxi Arana
  • As a user of this software, I’m very satisfied with the results obtained with DUMMY-Q. We’ve managed to reduce data processing times and it has facilitated the interpretation and analysis of results. I would also like to highlight the support department, which is very responsive and efficient.

    Adrián Álvarez
  • EVIOM is an ideal tool to keep everything under control. It allows us to see the status of the electric vehicle chargers, the charges, the kind of connector being used for charging, the historical data, and everything with very useful and intuitive graphs. We can access the chargers to analyse their status, as well as remotely activate charging. EVIOM works with any brand of electric vehicle charger manufacturer.

    Delfí López

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