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CCS V2G Decoder

IDIADA’s CCS and NACS V2G Decoder is a software that logs, loads, decodes and analyses the V2G Transport Protocol. It comes as a plug-in for the most commonly used and known packet sniffer "WireShark". IDIADA’s SW supports the following communication charging standards:

  • SECC Discovery Protocol (SDP)
  • DIN70121:2012I
  • ISO 15118-2:2013 (DC & AC HLC)
  • ISO 15118-2:2016 (AC HLC)

Supported Transport Layers:

  • UDP
  • TCP
  • TLS
Contact with our Customer Manager:
Laia Edo
Electric Vehicle Charging Coordinator
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Laia Edo
Electric Vehicle Charging Coordinator

Charging Analysis

  • Live decodification

  • Possibility of loading different files for post-analysis
  • Several file extensions accepted: .pcap, .pcapng
  • Ability of graphing message content such as voltage, current, etc.


  • Valid for CCS1, CCS2, NACS and AC HLC

  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Customizable columns for checking parameters without displaying complete message
  • New features under development
  • More


  • CCS, NACS and AC HLC

    Charging communication decoding

  • Optimal


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Contact our Customer Manager:
Laia Edo
Electric Vehicle Charging Coordinator

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CCS V2G Decoder - FAQs

What is the CCS V2G Decoder offered by Applus+ IDIADA?

The CCS V2G Decoder provided by IDIADA is a digital tool designed to decode and analyze communication messages exchanged between electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations using DIN 70121:2012 and ISO 15118-2:2013/2016, which leads in CCS1, CCS2, NACS and AC HLC. It enables researchers, developers, and testing organizations to understand and interpret the V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) communication signals, facilitating the development and testing of V2G technologies and services.

How does the CCS V2G Decoder work?

The CCS V2G Decoder works by capturing and decoding the communication messages sent over the control pilot line between the EV and the charging station. It supports both AC and DC charging scenarios and provides a comprehensive analysis of the V2G communication parameters, including power levels, state of charge, charging profiles, and grid interaction signals. The decoder translates the raw communication data into a human-readable format, allowing users to analyze and interpret the information for research, development, and testing purposes.

Who can benefit from using the CCS V2G Decoder?

The CCS V2G Decoder is a valuable tool for various stakeholders involved in the development and deployment of charging technologies. Researchers and developers working on this technology can use the decoder to gain deep insights into the communication signals and parameters, enabling them to refine their algorithms and optimize charging strategies. Testing organizations and certification authorities can leverage the CCS V2G Decoder to validate the compliance of charging communication with industry standards and regulatory requirements. Additionally, EV manufacturers and charging manufacturers can use the decoder to ensure the interoperability and performance of their products.