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Dynasoft - Vehicle Dynamics Software

IDIADA Dynasoft is a software solution that facilitates the process of analyzing and reporting of data from vehicle dynamics tests. It is developed as a NI DIADEM toolbox and combines available international standards with IDIADA’s expertise in the development of custom procedures and KPIs.

  • Efficient generation of reports following an intuitive process
  • One tool for governance of all vehicle dynamics standards and protocols worldwide
  • Enhanced control of metadata related to project, vehicle, test instrumentation and test conditions
  • Agile data comparison between vehicles and projects


Dynasoft is a toolbox based on NI Diadem and has a user-friendly interface, logically designed to facilitate an efficient workflow from project definition to results generation.

Through the automatization of several steps of the process, and the correct management of metadata, the software prevents the chance of human error and reduces reporting time.

The tool provides full control of the analysis process, including the possibility to perform data checks based on the test definition and a comparison of results from different datasets or projects.

Dynasoft is therefore used for a complete characterization of vehicle dynamics performance and for the validation of homologation requirements in various markets worldwide.


Step Steer ISO 7401
Steady State Circular ISO 4138
Frequency Response ISO 8726
Pulse Input ISO 7401
Continuous Sinusoidal Input ISO 7401
Single Step Steer ISO 7401
Slowly Increasing Steer ISO 4138
Trapezoidal input
Comfort Random
Comfort Deterministic
Pitch Evolution
On Centre - Weave ISO 13674-1
On Centre - Transition ISO 13674-2
Parking Steering Effort GOST 52302
Turning radius
Steering Modulation GOST 52302
Slow Input FMVSS-126, EuroNCAP, 13-H, ECE R140, KMVSS14, NHTSA
Brake conditioning
Tyre conditioning
Dwell Sine FMVSS-126, EuroNCAP, 13-H, ECE R140, KMVSS14
Fishhook NHTSA
Lane Change ISO 3888-1/2
Brake in a turn ISO 7975
Power Off ISO 9816
Power On open loop
Free Steer ISO 17288-1
Cross Wind ISO 12021-1
Lap Timing
Lap Timing
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Set up

  • Intuitive user interface to set up all the sensors fitted to the vehicle
  • Pre-configuration of industry-standard sensors for efficient set-up
  • Compatibility with outputs from the most common industry data loggers

Data check and validation

  • Visual inspection of time series
  • Automated checking of specific test requirements
  • Quick overview of conformity of all test runs, including numerical results


  • Comprehensive plots including frequency domain, scatters, line plots, and time histories
  • Specific IDIADA developed function library for curve fitting and metric calculation
  • Configurable comfort analysis to suit any road inputs
  • More than 200 additional KPIs developed by IDIADA’s experts for detailed performance characterization and correlation with subjective data


  • Comparison of datasets results and conditions
  • Configuration of report pages contents including plots and metadata 
  • Customization with corporate logos and vehicle logos 
  • Data export in the commonly used formats for easy data exchange
  • > More than 200 additional KPIs

    developed by IDIADA experts

  • >38 different test-cases

    for full vehicle characterization

  • <5min to analyse and report

    a vehicle dynamics test

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