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IDIADA’S Automotive Regulatory Knowledge Tool (IRIS)

IRIS is an intelligent and dynamic platform that provides accurate, customized, and structured regulatory technical knowledge for the automotive industry. Integrated into the new IDIADA homologation Apps ecosystem, IRIS delivers the right knowledge to the right people at the right time. 

  • Permanent access to 3,000+ up-to-date worldwide automotive industry regulations 
  • Dynamic and customizable Regulatory Technical Attributes Comparison Tool 
  • First-hand interpretations on automotive industry laws and regulations 
  • Participation in the rulemaking process 
  • Dynamic timeline tool with integrated filters 


IRIS stands for IDIADA’s Regulatory Information System and is the Regulatory Technical Knowledge solution developed by IDIADA’s Homologation department that keeps you updated on actual and upcoming worldwide automotive industry Regulations.

IRIS provides 3 main services:
- Regulatory Database
- Technical Reporting service
- Regulatory Newsletter service

IDIADA’s smart online platform of Regulatory solutions brings together valuable worldwide Type-approval Know-How. Our technical experts periodically assist to Brussels and Geneva’s working group meetings to participate in the rule-making process affecting worldwide automotive industry Regulations.

Our mission is to lead the digital management of regulatory technical knowledge in vehicle certification through a digital platform that is innovative and user-centric. We prioritize the needs and experiences of our users through innovation and artificial intelligence, offering an efficient and adaptive solution that continuously improves their performance and satisfaction.

With the latest technologies, we ensure our clients the highest levels of efficiency and excellence in regulatory technical knowledge management, optimizing their productivity and facilitating the search and retrieval of technical results worldwide.

Contact with our Customer Manager:
Nagore Avilés
Knowledge Manager, IDIADA's Regulatory Information System (IRIS)
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Nagore Avilés
Knowledge Manager, IDIADA's Regulatory Information System (IRIS)

The Right Knowledge, to the Right People, at the Right Time

IRIS Automotive Regulatory Knowledge Base

Intelligent Online Platform of perfect structured Automotive Technical Knowledge.

  • Permanent access to international updated legislation knowledge.
  • Manage and download the latest amendments and consolidated versions of the regulations with integrated change control.
  • Traceability of the regulation from the proposals issued by regulatory working groups and official bodies.
  • Powerful and personalized search engines that contribute to improving efficiency and optimizing user productivity.
  • Regulations in a schematized format with direct links to their respective supplements.

Our customized Technical Research studies of certification requirements will guide you to success, ensuring that every step you take is firm and reliable on your path to excellence.

Technical reporting service

Research and consultancy services according to your specific requirements, focusing on the markets, and the actual or future regulation of your interest. Customized reports about:

  • Homologation scheme and approval process options.
  • Required documentation and knowledge for approval.
  • Approval schedule and timeline.
  • Analysis of current technical requirements.
  • Expert guidance and customized support for compliance needs.

With our personalized Regulatory Monitoring report, stay ahead: uncover the latest global homologation updates and gain exclusive insights to navigate compliance and achieve success in your industry.

IRIS Regulatory Monitoring Service

  • Information on specific technical or administrative issues.
  • Comprehensive studies of all the relevant information relating to a specific issue.
  • Information for accessing automotive industry laws and regulations of specific markets.
  • Regular updates on regulatory changes.
  • Permament acces to more than 3,000

    up-to-date worldwide regulations

  • Dynamic and customizable

    Regulatory Technical Attributes Comparison Tool

  • First-hand


  • Participation

    in the rulemaking process

Ready to learn more about our product?

Contact our Customer Manager:
Nagore Avilés
Knowledge Manager, IDIADA's Regulatory Information System (IRIS)

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IRIS (IDIADA's Regulatory Information System) - FAQs

How does IDIADA’s Regulatory Information System (IRIS) work?

Applus+ IDIADA’s Regulatory Information System (IRIS) is an automotive industry Regulatory Technical Knowledge service that provides accurate, structured, and customized knowledge on automotive laws and regulations through an online dynamic smart platform.

IRIS allows access to IDIADA’s vehicle homologation experts’ knowledge of current and forthcoming regulations for motor vehicles at international level.

We work to offer a flexible and intuitive service, totally adapted to our clients’ needs. To do this, we have a multicultural and multilingual vehicle homologation team that, with its “know-how” and “know-what”, efficiently meets the needs of our clients.

What automotive industry regulatory solutions does the IRIS online smart platform offer?

To keep you updated on current and upcoming worldwide vehicle homologation regulations, IRIS provides 3 main services:

  • Automotive industry’s Regulatory Knowledge Base
  • Automotive Technical Research Studies
  • Automotive Regulatory Monitoring Reports

Why is it necessary to subscribe to the automotive industry’s Regulatory Knowledge Base?

IRIS Regulatory Knowledge Base is much more than a database for accumulating documents and regulations, IRIS is a source of well-structured technical knowledge where you will find:

  • Accurate type-approval regulatory information
  • Permanent access to international updated legislation
  • Latest amendments and consolidated versions of the automotive industry regulations
  • First-hand interpretations: IDIADA’s technical experts attend European Commission and UNECE working group meetings to participate in the rule-making process
  • Relevant proposals issued by regulatory working groups and official bodies
  • Powerful Technical Attributes tool that makes comparisons between tests with similar typologies, previously defined as comparable, between different markets

IRIS offers permanent access to worldwide automotive legislation in an organized structure with the possibility to get flexible results through powerful tools.

What are the differences between the Automotive Technical Research Studies and the Automotive Regulatory Monitoring Reports?

The Automotive Technical Research Studies involve analytic studies on particular subjects, markets and vehicle categories chosen by the customer. They also include all vehicle type-approval categories in specific regions and Research Studies on homologation of special vehicles. The result of this consultancy service describes essential information such as:

  • Approval authorities
  • Homologation scheme
  • Approval process and approval options
  • Documentation needed for the approval
  • Approval schedule
  • Current technical requirements
  • Research Studies on homologation of special vehicles (small series, composite vehicle, passenger-car transportation vehicle, fire-fighting vehicle, ambulance, breakdown lorry, dustcart, dual-purpose vehicle, motor caravan, etc.)

The Automotive industry’s Regulatory Monitoring Reports service consists of providing the customer with a regular service of information concerning regulation updates for the countries and vehicle categories selected by the customer.

The information is provided to the customer at two intervals:

  • Warning bulletins informing about the upcoming changes in the regulations submitted throughout the period of subscription, with a small abstract describing the changes. The related regulatory act will also be attached, when not covered by copyright.
  • A monthly newsletter report containing all the information bulletins issued during the month.