automotive regulatory data system

IRIS - IDIADA's Regulatory Information System: accurate, customized, and structured automotive regulatory data on hand

IRIS is a Regulatory Technical Knowledge service that provides accurate, structured, and customized information through an online dynamic smart platform.

IDIADA’s Regulatory Technical Knowledge service brings together valuable worldwide Type-approval Know-How of current and forthcoming regulations for motor vehicles at international level.

Our technical experts work directly with official bodies, and take part in the main regulatory working groups. They periodically attend European Commission and United Nations working group meetings. In this way, IRIS not only offers updated regulatory information but also the latest interpretations, amendments, and the most relevant proposals issued from regulatory working groups.

How can IRIS help vehicle homologation professionals in their daily certification tasks?

IRIS stands for “IDIADA’s Regulatory Information System” and is the Regulatory Technical Knowledge solution developed by IDIADA’s Homologation department that keeps you up to date on current and upcoming worldwide regulations.

IRIS provides three main services:

  • Regulatory Knowledge Base
  • Technical Research Studies
  • Regulatory Monitoring Reports

IRIS Regulatory Knowledge Base

IRIS Regulatory Knowledge Base is a source of well-structured technical knowledge where you will find:

  • Accurate regulatory information
  • Permanent access to international up-to-date legislation
  • Latest amendments and consolidated versions of the regulations
  • First-hand interpretations; IDIADA’s technical experts attend European Commission and UNECE working group meetings to participate in the rule-making process
  • Relevant proposals issued by regulatory working groups and official bodies
  • Powerful Technical Attributes tool that makes comparisons between tests with similar typologies, previously defined as comparable, between different markets

IRIS Regulatory Knowledge Base offers permanent access to worldwide legislation with an organized structure with the possibility of getting flexible results through powerful tools.

Technical Research Studies:

Involves analytic studies on particular subjects, markets, and vehicle categories requested by the customer. The result of this consultancy service describes essential information such as:

  • Homologation scheme
  • Approval process and approval options
  • Documentation needed for the approval
  • Approval schedule
  • Current technical requirements, etc.

IRIS Regulatory Monitoring Report:

It consists of providing the customer with a regular information service concerning regulation updates for the countries and vehicle categories selected by the customer. The information is provided to the customer at two time intervals:

  1. Warning bulletins, throughout the period of subscription, informing about upcoming changes in the regulations submitted, with a small abstract describing the changes. The related regulatory act is also attached, when not covered by copyright.                                                                                         
  2. A monthly Regulatory Report containing all the information bulletins issued during the same month.

IRIS is the best online platform to keep vehicle homologation professionals up to date with existing and new worldwide regulatory guidelines

The IRIS Regulatory Knowledge Base is evolving towards a new powerful tool developed with Machine Learning capable of creating predictive models and thus able to anticipate, predict and make decisions regarding customer preferences.

Artificial Intelligence will be integrated into the customer portal, which will bring together all the services hired, so that without the user needing to perform any type of search, the machine itself will suggest information of interest according to the study of the user’s preferences.

Also, a powerful search engine by concepts will be integrated to allow the user to search by free-text search. This new powerful search engine will search through all the documents of the IRIS Services hired in order to retrieve very accurate results and successfully answer the customer's query.

This new smart tool allows IRIS to generate a deep flow of knowledge, enabling IDIADA to be at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation in Knowledge Management.


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