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IDIADA DNA: A cloud-based data consulting and KPI analysis tool

IDIADA DNA platform is a data management solution that smooths the way for data consulting and KPI analysis.

The DNA web APP access is offered as a complementary service to IDIADA’s automotive testing activities to provide access to results. However, the platform comprises a complete cloud-based solution that can be custom-deployed for clients to integrate with their own data and processes.

Among the main functionalities offered by this tool, users can secure project data access on a long-term basis; retrieve test and/or simulation tests instantly; make comparisons and study correlations; and build and maintain vehicle program target books, just to mention a few.

Defining well-positioned vehicle concepts within the competitive niche and differentiating them from concurrent propositions are key in the early stages of product development and even more so when new technologies or investments are questioned.

The DNA web platform enables automakers to generate relevant information and make confident decisions throughout the entire vehicle development process. With the DNA, engineers can study the relationship of vehicle specs with functionality and to set targets that are well justified by past experience and benchmark data.

Data management for consultation and KPIs analysis


A cloud-hosted IT solution also provided with a web application

The IDIADA DNA platform consists of a cloud-based IT solution that can ingest data automatically from all IDIADA test analysis solutions and collect information from standardized formats with little configuration effort. The tool also features a Web APP that leverages key functionalities for product planners and performance leaders to easily gain data insights.

Data exploration

Users can make use of IDIADA’s data models to find the specific dataset and KPI requested, compare benchmarking vehicles and historical test results, as well as build up their own insight plots to complement their reports.

Correlation and target setting

The IDIADA DNA platform allows users to run descriptive statistics on selected datasets, study the relationship between test results, metadata and subjective scores, and to set up regression models to define target ranges for any vehicle functionality.

Target book management

Data findings can be saved within a DNA project for quick and easy retrieval of information. Target lists and acceptance criteria can be managed throughout the development process. The vehicle under development can be compared with the user’s benchmark and target ranges.


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