software electric vehicle charging operation

IDIADA EVIOM: A software solution incorporating the latest technology, for a sustainable electric vehicle charging service operation

Electric mobility is already a reality. Every day there are more and more electric vehicle charging service points on public roads and more and more individuals are deciding to take the step of buying an electric vehicle and installing a charging point. It is also estimated that by 2030, there will be 40 million electric vehicles and 3 million charging points installed in Europe.

Manufacturers' commitment to new electric vehicles has brought new products to the market that are positively valued by users regarding aspects such as design, comfort and even range, an aspect subject to debate in the past.

Society's awareness of greener technologies is also changing from being an initiative of a few to permeating consumer society and affecting behavioural patterns in private life and in the workplace.

Challenges for users and electric vehicle charging service operators

Today's electric vehicle users need connected and interoperable services, which facilitate simple actions such as authorizing a recharge, and provide useful and understandable real-time information, regardless of the service provider or operator.

For service electric vehicle charging providers or infrastructure managers, managing electric mobility goes beyond the installation of chargers and the provision of energy. For an operator, the biggest challenges are focused on the integrated management of mobility and energy according to the usage patterns of its users, the assurance of the service in the long term according to the new requirements of a continuously evolving technology, and the definition of a sustainable business model integrated with the rest of the services or management tools.

The best recipe: technology leveraged on standardization and flexibility.

Functionalities such as dynamic control of charger power, integration with photovoltaic systems and external batteries and optimization of energy consumption according to the tariff range are essential aspects included in the EVIOM tool that guarantee consumption control adapted to users’ and suppliers’ requirements.

Likewise, the development of new functionalities in mobile and management applications requires advanced communication between all the systems involved: vehicle, charger and management system. The industry recognizes this aspect, and that is why IDIADA is active in participating in research projects for the development of technologies and communication protocols to leverage the best user experience.

EVIOM combines the latest industry standard communication protocols and a proprietary REST API that allows integration with a wide variety of charger manufacturers and interoperability networks, and provides the flexibility to adapt to the needs of private companies and public entities, connecting with the manager's own corporate systems for financial and user control.

EVIOM: A pathway to the future

Advanced software and process engineering tools are essential to get the most out of electric vehicle charging facilities and ensure the success of electric mobility in the future. IDIADA approaches this challenge with a positive attitude and offers EVIOM, a comprehensive solution for both electric vehicle users and charging point operators and managers.


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