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Drag & DTV Portable: The most flexible brake drag torque and disc thickness variation measurement tool

The Drag & DTV Portable is a vehicle brake test device that measures brake drag torque and disc thickness variation. It has been developed, engineered, and assembled by IDIADA, in response to the growing need for robust, reliable, and efficient measurement of critical parameters during vehicle brake testing. 

Why are DTV and Drag Torque so important in vehicle brake testing today?

Many factors are key in brake development. These have changed very rapidly over the last 10 years, but some major pillars have been identified. On the one hand, the reduction of energy consumption is clearly a major priority. Brake drag is undoubtedly a major item to be measured, and “Zero Drag” represents a great challenge.

On the other hand, comfort is nowadays a priority. It is simply not true that electric vehicles (EVs) are less influenced by friction torque performance in terms of brake NVH. DTV Generation, Off-brake NVH performance, corrosion, and cleaning capabilities are only a few examples among the long list of items to be checked during a vehicle brake testing programme. 

Finally, the reduction of test and development times is a must. Brake testing activities need to be quick, flexible, and reliable. In addition to this, a reduction in the number of testing phases is sought. Therefore, a flexible and powerful tool is needed to characterize mainly the following two items: Brake drag torque and brake disc thickness variation (and lateral run out).

Data can be automatically measured by simply installing contactless sensors on the discs and plugging the torque sensors to the rim. In order to perform these measurements, all the adaptors are provided by IDIADA and can be customized to any specific need, so that each system is tailor-made to each customer’s particular use. 

Drag & DTV Portable consists of two portable cases, making it easy to transport in the trunk of a test car or even to be checked in as standard luggage on a flight.

Do the Drag & DTV Portable kits work together or separately? And do they allow on-line evaluation of the data?

The Drag & DTV Portable is a brake drag torque and disc thickness variation measurement kit developed, engineered, and assembled by IDIADA’s Chassis Tools department. This consists of 2 portable kits: the Drag Torque kit and the DTV kit; when both kits are operated as a set, they acquire and display data in real time and report the results on-site to facilitate the engineering work.

The Drag & DTV Portable kit, measures and synchronizes the drag torque in the wheel selected by the user and the disc thickness variation (DTV) at the same time. It is a compact, portable, set of tools developed for use outside the workshop and designed to allow measurements in a wide range of wheel heights.

The system provides three possible function modes, which allow the user to perform both Drag Torque and DTV measurements altogether, or only DTV or Drag Torque measurements separately.

IDIADA’s new portable vehicle brake testing equipment is capable of simultaneously measuring brake drag torque and Disc Thickness Variation, allowing quick and easy set-up, as well as flexible measurement sessions thanks to the built-in autonomous measurement device. Step-guided configuration, logging and post-processing software enables reliable measurements for brake performances and durability test campaigns.


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