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MG4 - Range and consumption evaluation benchmarking

Energy consumption and range evaluation, including chassis dynamometer and open road testing.

  • WLTP Shortened Type I tests under different test conditions
  • Comparison between open road and chassis dynamometer tests
  • KPI’s of range and energy consumption analysis
  • Energy flow assessment


Vehicle Info
Variant MG4 Comfort RWD 64 kWh
WLTP range 450km
Drivetrain layout RWD
Combined Power / Torque 150kW (200cv) / 250 Nm
Max Speed 160 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 7.9s
Date of vehicle manufacture 24/07/2022
Test Info
WLTP Shortened Type I 23ºC HVAC OFF
WLTP Type 6 -7ºC HVAC ON Auto 22ºC
WLTP Type 6 35ºC HVAC ON Auto 22ºC + Solar simulation
e-RDE Ambient temp. HVAC ON Auto 22ºC
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Carlos Blanquez
Powertrain Product Manager
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Carlos Blanquez
Powertrain Product Manager
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Extensive experience in chassis dynamometer and real-world tests

  • State-of-the-art facilities to perform regulatory and non-regulatory driving cycles for energy consumption evaluation under different test conditions.
  • Real-world routes fulfilling main regulatory driving conditions, as well as tailored routes created for key points identification.
  • Internal test procedures for in-depth evaluation of main vehicle characteristics.

Comprehensive instrumentation for accurate and detailed analysis

  • High accuracy external instrumentation on the low and high voltage systems for energy consumption and efficiency chain analysis, all performed at complete vehicle and component level.
  • CAN and OBD data gathering capability with in-house developed methodologies and tools.
  • All recorded test data synchronized in a single time vector.

Detailed analysis of results obtained under different test conditions

  • Full analysis of driving pattern and energy consumption to evaluate the main variations between different test conditions.
  • Dedicated activity for determination of real-world energy consumption, and evaluation against regulatory procedures.
  • Expertise in defining proper test procedures to determine energy consumption values under different vehicle operating conditions.
  • Results cross-checked against the main vehicle characteristics.
  • In-depth vehicle


  • Comprehensive vehicle


  • Tests in laboratory

    and real-world conditions

  • Evaluation of

    key results and reporting

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Carlos Blanquez
Powertrain Product Manager

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What is the Automotive Benchmarking Powertrain Range and Consumption MG4 product?

The Automotive Benchmarking Powertrain Range and Consumption MG4 product is a benchmarking data product offered by Applus IDIADA, which provides detailed information on the MG4 electric vehicle’s powertrain, range, and energy consumption. The product includes analysis of the vehicle's powertrain components, such as battery capacity, and energy consumption under different driving conditions.

How is the range and consumption data for the MG4 gathered and analyzed?

The range and consumption data for the MG4 is gathered through extensive testing and analysis conducted by Applus IDIADA's team of experts. The data is collected using intrusive instrumentation and CAN/OBD signals, advanced testing equipment and software, and is analyzed using sophisticated algorithms and modeling tools to provide accurate and reliable range and consumption data under various driving scenarios.

What benefits does the Automotive Benchmarking Powertrain Range and Consumption MG4 product offer to users?

The Automotive Benchmarking Powertrain Range and Consumption MG4 product offers several benefits to users, including detailed insights into the vehicle's powertrain and energy consumption. The data can be used by researchers and industry professionals to compare the vehicle's range and consumption to other electric vehicles on the market, and to identify areas for improvement and innovation in the industry.