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Hyundai IONIQ 5 - Benchmarking Efficiency Map

Powertrain mapping activity, including detailed evaluation of efficiency chains with high accuracy data measurements.

  • Broad analysis – at complete vehicle and component level
  • Different mapping outputs such as efficiencies, power, and torque
  • Driving pattern operating points using data from the energy management package
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Carlos Blanquez
Powertrain Product Manager
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Carlos Blanquez
Powertrain Product Manager

Experienced drivers and cutting-edge facilities for high power demanding activities

  • Skilled team with vast experience in mapping activities for any type of powertrain
  • High-demanding power absorbing facility to evaluate high-load operation points, extending the assessment of the operating range area.
  • In-house developed safety and quality procedures to obtain comparable results.

In-depth instrumentation for accurate and detailed analysis

  • High-accuracy external instrumentation on the low- and high-voltage systems for energy consumption and efficiency chain analysis, all performed at complete vehicle and component level.
  • CAN and OBD data gathering with internally developed methodologies and tools, always made from scratch. 
  • High frequency measurement devices allowing the monitoring and evaluation of AC systems. 
  • All gathered test data always synchronized in a single time vector.

In-house methodologies and analysis

  • Tailor-made tools for the extraction of most relevant results of each test activity.
  • Skilled staff to perform and assess the mapping activity and its results.
  • Report generation containing the most relevant outcomes and comparing them with other tests.
  • Cross-check of range and consumption results with steady map results.
  • Comprehensive vehicle


  • High accuracy measurement devices for

    efficiency evaluation

  • Wide vehicle’s

    operation range evaluation

  • Map results cross-checked

    with consumption and range tests

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Carlos Blanquez
Powertrain Product Manager

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