dummy certification software

The dummy certification software that every crash test laboratory should have

DUMMY-Q is a toolbox developed by IDIADA after more than 20 years’ experience conducting passive safety activities. The knowledge accumulated by IDIADA’s experts has made it possible to design a crash test dummy certification software that is specifically custom-made for all potential users. 

DUMMY-Q is easy to use, delivers immediate results and provides all the necessary graphics to effortlessly understand what elements need to be adapted to successfully pass the certification test.

IDIADA’s car crash test dummy certification software efficiently processes dummy qualification test data according to state-of-the-art regulations. It generates final reports including Pass/No Pass results for every requirement, as well as the main graphs showing sensor response time.

The tool is an essential part in the crash testing toolchain, as it allows strict maintenance and calibration control of the dummies and ensures the delivery of consistent quality results over time.

Why is it so important to maintain strict maintenance and calibration control of crash test dummies in passive safety testing?

Test data quality strongly depends on the equipment used during the test, and in the case of passive safety, crash test dummies are a key element that require strict maintenance and calibration control. However, dummy performance is prone to decreasing after a certain number of tests, so in order to accurately simulate human behaviour, test laboratories dedicate extensive hours to qualification.

DUMMY-Q offers a complete solution from data acquisition to the final report, significantly reducing time and human effort.

What does DUMMY-Q software tool offer laboratories?

  • Extensive list of available crash test dummies covering regulations from around the world
  • Up-to-date testcase library covering worldwide regulations 
  • Continuous evolution following the latest versions of the regulations 
  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface to assist users in the certification process
  • Report generation, allowing quick and intuitive interpretation of results
  • Repeatability of results
  • Efficient, quick, and reliable results
  • Comparison of specific data with different datasets, allowing easy visualization of dummy component ageing
  • Ability to customize report templates with corporate styling and company logos

DUMMY-Q: an efficient tool for dummy performance traceability tasks


Compatible with the main acquisition systems on the market such as Crash designer, Crashsoft or TDAS Control Software.


  • Acceptance of input data types such as “*.dat” and “*.tdm”
  • Export data results to MME format
  • DUMMY-Q follows the ISO-MME standards, allowing immediate adaptation of the tool to the laboratory work process 

Processing data

  • DUMMY-Q has more than 20 types of dummies implemented
  • Loading and processing of data in just one click 



At IDIADA we provide support in the installation, as well as in the training of your team. We are always happy to hear users’ feedback, needs, and improvement proposals.


DUMMY-Q receives periodic updates in line with regulatory developments.


DUMMY-Q certification software product sheet