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DUMMY-Q test software tool

DUMMY-Q is a software tool that efficiently processes car crash test Dummy Qualification test data and generates final reports including Pass/No Pass results for every requirement.

  • User friendly scripting tool box to be run in NI DIADEM software
  • Up-to-date testcase library covering worldwide regulations
  • Test monitoring and reporting including Euro NCAP data formats
  • Extensive list of dummies available


Test data quality strongly depends on the equipment used during the test, and in the case of Passive Safety, car crash test dummies are a key element that require strict maintenance and calibration control.​

However, dummy performance is prone to decreasing after a certain number of tests, so in order to accurately simulate human behavior, test laboratories dedicate extensive hours to qualification.​

In this context, IDIADA has used its more than 20 years’ experience in Passive Safety activities to develop the DUMMY-Q software tool.


Dummies Considered
P3, P6, P10 years old
Q0, new-born
Hibrid III 3 years old
Hibrid III 6 years old
Hibrid III 5th, Female
Hibrid III 50th, Male
Hibrid III 95th, Large Male
BioRID lll UN
ES-2, 50th
ES-2, with Rib Extension, 50th
SID lis
Worls SID 50th
TNO 10 Manikin
Contact with our Customer Manager:
Agnes Creus
Technical Leader, Passive Safety
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Agnes Creus
Technical Leader, Passive Safety

Essential part of your toolchain

Verify car crash test dummies consistently across time, keep traceability of the performance of your test equipment, and ensure the quality of the crash test deliverables.

Dummy test configuration and data analysis

  • Set your test data configuration based on pre-configured dummy standard requirements.
  • Verify complete dummies for vehicle crash tests and impactors for pedestrian tests.
  • Manage your checklist for enhanced reproducibility.

Customized verification report

  • Export the qualification results in Euro NCAP MME format as part of the official deliverables.
  • Export a verification report and customize your report templates with your company styling and logos.
  • > 20 dummy


  • Worldwide coverage

    of qualification tests and  dummy brands

  • < 2 min to

    analyze and report a  qualification test

  • > 1000 dummy

    qualifications test performed  per year

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Contact our Customer Manager:
Agnes Creus
Technical Leader, Passive Safety

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DUMMY-Q test software tool- FAQs

Why is it so important to have car crash test dummies in optimal condition for passive safety testing?

The vehicle crash test dummies are elements for biofidelic measurement of the response that a human being would have in the event of a vehicle crash impact. Therefore, dummies are manufactured in different sizes and with specific particularities in order to represent the great variety of human bodies (age, weight, sex...), as they respond differently to the same impact. 

As the number of impacts in passive safety testing increases, we obtain valuable information on the response of each body type to a specific type of impact.  

In order to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the data obtained, it is vitally important that the dummies –each model being specific to a particular type of impact– are in optimum condition. 

Is DUMMY-Q compatible with the main acquisition systems?

The DUMMY-Q tool has been designed so that the format of the data to be analysed is compatible with most acquisition systems, e.g. Crash designer, Crashsoft or TDAS Control Software.

How does crash test dummies verification work?

There may be tests where only a specific part of the dummy has to be tested (head, thorax, knee...). In these cases, the dummies must be dismantled following a specific procedure to test the corresponding part (pendulum tests, drop head, neck...) and perform the impact. 

Finally, we need to collect the data with our acquisition system and download it to DUMMY-Q, where, by selecting the model and specifications of the tested dummy tested as well as the specific body part (validation process), we will obtain an exhaustive calibration report with graphs, and the subsequent Pass/No pass result with a single click.

Why is it so important to verify crash test dummies over time to ensure the quality of vehicle crash test deliverables?

Dummies are a precise measurement element that quantify crash test results. Therefore, it is of vital importance to ensure that dummies are in an optimal condition in order to obtain accurate results and avoid affecting the repeatability and reproducibility of the same type of test. 

Furthermore, it must be taken into account that in a significant part of passive safety testing with vehicles, the dummy plays an intermediary role, as it is the dummy which provides parameters and results rather than the vehicle itself.