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Lamborghini Urus - Vehicle Dynamics Benchmarking Reports

Complete Vehicle Ride and Handling performance characterization including technical reports and datasets.


All testing activities are performed using IDIADA’s facilities and combining standard methodologies and in-house developed procedures to enrich data contents and quality.

The data obtained is analysed using world-class analysis tools developed by IDIADA to ensure consistency of results across different vehicles and testing conditions.

Deliverables of the selling packages include raw and processed data. Check the specification sheet to find out what contents are available.


Vehicle Info
Maker Lamborghini
Model Urus
Variant S
Vehicle Technology ICE
Year 2021
Tyre design Pirelli Pzero
Tyre size 285/35 R23 - 325/30 R23
Data Sets
Suspension K&C Available
Inertia tensor and COG Available
Dampers Available
Ride Not available
Steering and Handling Not available
Stability (ISO Lane Change) Not available
Contact with our Customer Manager:
Guido Tosolin
Senior Manager of Chassis Development and Vehicle Dynamics
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Guido Tosolin
Senior Manager of Chassis Development and Vehicle Dynamics
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Full Vehicle Characterization

The characterization of a complete vehicle is possible thanks to the contribution of different teams of experts that master specific technical aspects and related testing activities. The activities carried out include:

  • Suspension kinematics and compliance
  • Full vehicle centre of gravity and inertia measurement
  • Ride and handling, including steering assistance maps
  • Powertrain and brake system performance mapping
  • Components measurement: damper, springs

Tyre modelling

  • IDIADA characterizes and builds tyre models using world-class facilities and tools such as test trailers, rolling drums and static force measurement benches.
  • All vehicles include MF-Tyre models generated by IDIADA or trusted partners that are refined during the correlation with complete vehicle models.
  • Cosin Ftire models and CD Tires are optional.

Model correlation

All IDIADA models are validated in three steps:

  • Off-line correlation of kinematics and compliance.
  • Off-line correlation of ride and handling through systematic comparison of simulation data and objective measurement data
  • Subjective sign-off by expert drivers based on a back-to-back comparison using IDIADA DiM 250 driving simulator and real vehicle driving on IDIADA’s test tracks and open roads. 
  • > 100 full

    vehicle test cases

  • > 30 system and

    component test cases

  • >90% correlation level

    in most relevant KPIs

  • >10 test tracks used for

     ride and handling characterization

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Contact our Customer Manager:
Guido Tosolin
Senior Manager of Chassis Development and Vehicle Dynamics

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