Vehicle dynamics analysis

Dynasoft Car: Data Analysis and Reporting for Vehicle Dynamics

Dynasoft Car is a software solution that facilitates the process of analysing and reporting of data from vehicle dynamics tests. It is developed as an NI DIADEM toolbox and combines available international standards with IDIADA’s expertise in the development of custom procedures and KPIs.

Dynasoft Car has a user-friendly interface, logically designed to match an efficient workflow from project definition to results generation. Through the automatization of several steps of the process, and the correct management of metadata, the software prevents human errors and reduces reporting time.

The tool provides full control of the analysis process, including the possibility to perform data checks based on the test definition and a comparison of results from different datasets or projects. Hence, Dynasoft is used for a complete characterization of vehicle dynamics performance and for the validation of homologation requirements in various markets worldwide.


Why are data analysis and reporting automated procedures so important during the data post-processing in automation?

Data post-processing is key to ensure satisfactory results in the analysis and reporting of bulk data obtained in vehicle dynamics tests. The data analysis and reporting provided by Dynasoft Car is fully automated. Thanks to the enhanced control of metadata related to the project, the vehicle, test instrumentation and test conditions, we ensure the quality of analysis procedures and consistent, comparable results. Dynasoft Car makes reporting tasks faster and more efficient for engineers.

Dynasoft Car: The world’s leading software for full vehicle characterization

Dynasoft Car is the unique tool in the market to ease vehicle dynamics data post-processing tasks. The Workflow and UI provide guidance in every step of the process including project definition, analysis, and comparison of data and reporting.

Dynasoft Car is a single tool for governance of all vehicle dynamics’ standards and protocols worldwide, including stability and steering homologation tests. Moreover, it comes with an extensive KPIs catalogue based on IDIADA’s expertise that can be used for detailed performance characterization and correlation with subjective data.

Applus+ IDIADA Digital Solutions | Dynasoft Car - Vehicle Dynamics Analysis & Reporting

  • Definition of vehicle characteristics and instrumentation
All compensations are automatically applied, and the results are relocated to a predetermined vehicle reference point.
  • Data ingestion of the most typical file formats in the automotive sector
Dynasoft Car offers the possibility to include new file formats by developing a specific plug-in.
  • Possibility to overview the validity of executed tests
Dynasoft Car enables an overview of both executed and ongoing tests, even while still being on the test track. This software solution ensures the quality of the data analysed and helps users to manage anomaly datasets in the event they have not been included in the analysis process.
  • Visualization of data in an intuitive graphical display
All the data can be displayed together to be compared and analysed from different test configurations and/or vehicles.
  • Quick analysis and report
Dynasoft Car allows the analysis and report of any type of vehicle dynamics test in less than 5 minutes. Project deliverables are generated in commonly used formats for easy data exchange.

There is no software on the market like Dynasoft Car, offering a similar degree of traceability regarding the project, the vehicle, the instrumentation, and data channels to be analysed. The Dynasoft Car tool has been specifically designed to support engineers during the typical automotive post-processing workflow, from data validation until the reporting. Finally, an extended data catalogue is also available to be used in other tasks, such as full vehicle development, target-setting, or marketing positioning.


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